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British Soldiers Reference Images




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      British officer on left. 


                     British militia on right.

       The British soldier's uniform consisted of a red coat with white straps and gold trim, lined in white. Buttons and buckles were brass. There was a white braid trim on jacket front and cuffs.

Grey overalls were worn over pants and leggings.



   Detail of white braid and brass buttons on coat front and cuffs.


   Knee high leggings were of heavy gray cloth with pewter or brass
       buttons,   worn over pants, but under overalls.



The knapsack was made of duck cloth painted white and was approximately 13" x 21" x 3-1/2" thick.

A blanket roll was sometimes carried under the flap.




 British soldier's cartridge box was black leather with a white strap with brass buckles.

It was approximately 11" x 11" x 2-1/2" thick.