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                          Monroe Art League




                             Meet Our Members


                 Click on a name to see representative works of our members.


              Some have an example of their work, some have galleries of their work

                      and others may have links to personal websites, or facebook pages, etc.


              Many have work for sale and some also sell prints and notecards of their works.


                                       (Note:  e-mail address on this page is not a link) 
             To e-mail a member, you will need to copy and paste into your “send to” address box.



Member Name                                     E-mail address


Arquette           Merle (Mick)                  marquette628@comcast.net 

Austin                Art                                                                 

Baker                 Kevin                                kaybee2707@charter.net

Barley                Patrick                              gpb624@yahoo.com 

Bodell                Betty                                                             

Boss                    Verma                              vmboss@comcast.net 

Brunswick         Lonnie                              lonbruns@charter.net 

Curry                  Sharon                             sharoncurry2001@yahoo.com 

Diehl                  Connie                             maedelphoto@gmail.com 

Doherty             Paula                                pkidmom@hotmail.com 

Drotar                Fred                                  fdrot@charter.net 

Drummonds    Gladys                               gladysd@chartermi.net 

Francis               Melissa                            francisfusion@gmail.com 

Grant                 Susan                                sgrant3@my.monroeccc.edu 

Gudes                Gary                                  tduck5@yahoo.com 

Hilliard               Larry                                 alrhilliard@aol.com 

Ingles                 Lucy                                  lucy.ingels@monroe.lib.mi.us 

Knapp                Betty                                 bettyknapp3@gmail.com 

Koesel                Greg                                  6re6300@gmail.com 

Ley                      Barbara                            bluthyley@yahoo.com 

McLaughlin      Karen                                tkmac002@gmail.com 

Miller                 Stan                                  stanmillerfrancis@yahoo.com 

Mullins              Becky                                wcarver58@yahoo.com 

Nikirk                 Sandra                             snikirk2@gmail.com 

Pearsall             Jan                                     janpearsall@hotmail.com 

Pillarelli             Julie                                  jfpillarelli@yahoo.com 

Rafko                  Peter                                                             

Rumschlag        Charlie                             chasrum@charter.net 

Rutledge           Linda                                llrutledge@hotmail.com 

Schmidt             Paul                                   pschmidt@spot-card.com 

Stanford            Will                                   wdstan727@msn.com 

Sutherland       Sherry                               slfs12@yahoo.com 

Tidwell              James                               jimmy.t@prodigy.net 

VanHouten      Jan                                     janvanhouten24@yahoo.com 

Vanisacker       Brian                                 bvani@yahoo.com 

Vanisacker       Sandy                               sandyleevan@hotmail.com 





                                                Membership list updated as of May 20, 2017

      If you find an error in the membership list, please send a note to  Becky at:  wcarver58@yahoo.com

                                              (Note:  E-mail is not a link.  Please copy and paste)