Monroe Art League      

            Greg Koesel  --  Metal Sculpture, Painting




About the Artist


         Greg Koesel has been creating art for forty years. A native of rural Ohio, he has spent his adult life in Monroe, Michigan. Greg has always loved art and the natural beauty of the world.

            With a degree in engineering and a background as an automotive engineer, teacher, journalist, and lecturer Greg’’s award winning art reflects a precision and clarity, often combined with a devilish bit of whimsy. His favorite medium is metals of all varieties.

         "I enjoy taking metal, something that is typically thought of as cold, hard, and flat and transforming it into something curved and graceful, soft and sensual. Various types of metal present different challenges. Some, like stainless steel, can be polished, or ground with wonderful patterns that will endure the elements. Others like copper and bronze readily take on various shades and patinas when exposed to the artists torch and the alchemy of nature.”

        Greg enjoys traveling throughout the country to experience the regional beauty and how it is reflected in the local art. “I spend lots of time in museums, shops, and galleries – that is the best art education of all. My favorite mode of transportation is the bicycle because it allows me a close-up view of the world as it slowly passes by.”

       Other interests of Mr. Koesel include classic cars and drag racing (he builds his own race cars - an art form in itself). In between creating art and racing down the track there are six grandchildren that need spoiling too.

       Using the hammer and the torch to create lasting beauty Greg Koesel has found a way to share his vision of art.


Artist's Statement:

Look Dick.
Look Jane.

See Greg.
See Greg weld.
See Greg grind.
Arc!  Arc!
Spark, spark, spark!

Greg likes art.
Greg likes metal.
Greg likes to make metal art.

Come Dick.
Come Jane.

See Greg’s art.

Touch it.

Buy it.

Love it.