Monroe Art League      

            Jan Van Houten -- Acrylics, Mixed Media




About the Artist

 JAN VAN HOUTEN has been
painting for twenty plus
years.  She originally attended 
Cleary College to pursue
a career as a Medical Secretary.  

 However, the tide turned 
and she ended up with a 
"degree in husbandry" and
intense child-care development.

 Married, and with her husband,
Jan raised six children who 
developed their own skills.

 (Her brushes were set aside until
years later).

 All of her children are college
graduates and scattered all 
over the country.  

 Jan eventually enrolled
in many art classes of various
avenues, settled with
China Painting and played with
oils, acrylics, & watercolors. 

 Art is a passion, whether it is
with a brush or enjoying it
in itís many forms.

 Encouraged at an early
age by her father, and an art 
teacher, she kept up the interest
and has fun with shapes & colors.  

 Being a member of the 
Monroe Art League has been
a time of growth & adventure 
that she hopes will continue 
for a long time.