Monroe Art League      

            Karen McLaughlin --  Oil, Acrylic, Pen and Ink




About the Artist

The excitement of painting begins with my first glimmer of an idea for a piece. I love to see the colors transforming into a representation of reality on canvas and applying the highlights and shadows to make my landscapes and buildings virtually come alive. Painting so absorbs me that it draws me into my subject, away from the everyday surroundings. 

I enjoy using various mediums and have taken many classes from artists in oil, watercolor and acrylic. My favorite media is oil because I love to take advantage of the easy blending of edges like the Old Masters, especially in still life.

 Pen and ink gives me the opportunity to work in detail on houses and other buildings, which are especially fun for me. I also paint in acrylic when I need a fast-drying medium and vivid colors. while usually painting realistically, I plan to study impressionistic art next.

 My desire to paint grew out of my enjoyment of sketching and decorating my classrooms throughout my 37 years of teaching in Monroe, Michigan.  Retirement now gives me more time to enhance my skills in oil and watercolor painting.

 To date, I have shown my work in many local businesses, a gallery, and craft and art shows.  I plan to expand my area of exposure to bigger shows and galleries.














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