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About the Artist

Stained Glass:  This particular hobby has turned me into a budding artist  ... something I never expected.

 Throughout my life, I have been intrigued by the ability to make things. 

The beauty of  stained glass, the combination of glass and wood, and the history behind the art of stained glass intrigued me and soon I was taking classes in stained glass. 

I learned the basics, taught myself a lot and one thing led to another and soon I was going to craft shows and  selling a few things.  

Commission work followed ( I enjoy working with folks to make something unique for them)  and stained glass became more than a hobby.  I love working with glass!

  Time passes ……Flash forward:  Retirement in 2010 has given me more time to spend working with glass.  Along with glass etching,  I recently learned sandblasting and engraving on glass and am now incorporating these features into artwork with some of my stained glass pieces, along with another technique, glass fusing.

  In 2011, I entered my first two competitions and was proud to receive a third place and second place in the ceramics/small sculpture/glass category. 

Since then I have entered  more local competitions:  the Monroe City/County Fine Arts Council Juried Art Show,  the War of 1812 Bicentennial Art Contests, the Monroe Art League Members Only Show and the Bedford Art For Our Future Show. 

(There is a link on my home page to my pieces that have won ribbons.) 
















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