Monroe Art League      

            Ryan Sulfaro




About the Artist

  Monroe Michigan born and raised.  I studied fine arts at Monroe County Community College and I have published work in Darkness Reigns  campaign guide,  Realms of shadow campaign  guide, and Bible Battles trading card game.      

  I have been drawing farther back than I can remember and I have worked with Watercolors on and off for all my life.  In the last few years,  have been working with  Acrylics and Pen, and recently Oils.  Two semesters of Ceramics  at MCCC started to develop that medium (I had no idea I could sculpt.)

  I enjoy all the mediums I have worked in, but get the most satisfaction from painting.  I try to make fiction believable, convincing, and interesting.  My favorite subject matters are fantasy, sci-fi, and weird, but am up for exploring whatever is asked of me.