Monroe Art League      

            Sandra  Nikirk -- Acrylics, Oil and Watercolor




About the Artist

  I believe that I was born with a very persistent creative gene, which managed to stay influential through the many stages of my life. During the busy years of raising a family and pursuing a career, my artistic flair was limited to interior design and dreaming of painting!

   I once told my husband that I had always wanted to paint a barn -- it was soon apparent that his understanding of my remark was less than artistic. In fact, his analytic mind had me high on a ladder with a paintbrush, carmine red paint dripping, in my hand! The memory of that exchange still brings a hearty chuckle to the fore, but it does serve to show the upward struggle delegated to my "artistic nature'.

  At that time my formal study of art consisted of whatever 'elective' courses that my Medical Technology degree allowed, and a single oil painting of a skier attempting to navigate the northern Michigan slopes.

  As a degreed scientist, my vision of the many facets of creation is generally realistic. However, I delight in adding my own mark through some enhanced color and painting techniques. I continue to study, and learn, but now I paint, paint, paint! Having the time to pursue one's latent passion is truly a luxury, and the timing in my life is perfect.

I feel that all of my experiences: love of family, opportunities to travel, a lifetime of social interactions -- add to my perception of what should be reflected in a beautiful painting. I do hope you enjoy the fruits of my labor.